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About The Site

I starting developing this tool in the fall of 2010 while taking a course on metadata as part of my MLIS at St. Catherine University. My overall goal was to develop a tool for generating Dublin Core code that was easy to use, flexible with regards to adding and removing tags, and updated to the most recent Dublin Core standards. I also thought that maybe, just maybe, I could come up with something that looked a little prettier.

The nice folks at the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative allowed me to do a poster presentation about my tool at the DC-2011 conference. The extended abstract is available here. While there I met Dr. Jane Greenberg from the Metadata Research Center at UNC Chapel Hill. Her support for our vocabulary lookup functionality through the HIVE Project is greatly appreciated.

The tool itself is programmed using a dwindling amount of pure JavaScript and an ever-growing amount of the JQuery and JQuery UI frameworks and should work in any relatively modern browser. It will look somewhat prettier in Firefox/Chrome/Safari than it will in Internet Explorer.

All coding is my own unless otherwise noted in the source. When code written by others has been used, it has been made available without any ostensible restrictions on its use.

Interested in the code? This site is available under the GNU General Public License (v2). Check it out on GitHub.

All references to Dublin Core as well as the underlying schema and are the property of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. The use herein of Dublin Core schemas are done under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license. Please don't sue me.

Contact Me

Electronic mail: nsteffel [at] gmail [dot] com

For occasional Twitter updates on this website: www.twitter.com/dublincoregen

For Twitter updates on me, the weather in Minneapolis, what I'm waiting in line for, etc.: www.twitter.com/nicksteffel


This site is available under the GNU General Public License (v2). Check it out on GitHub.